Services for individuals

Legal advice

(in verbal and written form)

Initial verbal advice is free of charge

Making and help in making petitions, letters, complaints, clarifications, applications, claims to non-judicial authorities and establishments

Making  statements of claim of any difficulty level to justice’s courts and courts of general jurisdiction

(including application of necessary documents and their filing to the court)

Carrying out civil cases injustice’s courts and courts of general jurisdiction

Payment is made at your discretion on the optional basis according to contracts concluded:

  • charges of each day of court work;
  • stable fee;
  • ten thousand RUR and additional remuneration in case of successful adjudgement in favor of the client («success fee»);
  • combination of several types of the lawyer’s fee

Drawing up of an appeal, cassation, supervisory complaints to higher courts, including the self-study of the case materials

Representing the interests of the complainant in the criminal case of economic orientation

The service includes compilation of a claim for compensation for material and (or) moral damage, representation at the preliminary investigation, and (or) in court


Service list presented here is not complete and is subject to discussion!


Disputes types and categories

Labor law

disputes relating to the restoration of employment and recovery of arrears of wages;

Establishing the facts having legal significance

disputes related to the establishment of the legal facts (assuming of inheritance, recognition of the individual as missing, dead, declaring minors capable and etc.)

Family Law

disputes on divorce, division of property, the definition of children residence, challenging the marriage contract, etc.

Housing law

  • disputes relating to the provision, eviction, use of residential premises;
  • debate on the recognition of property rights, and the definition section of the residential premises use order;
  • disputes related to the invalidation of transactions with residential premises;
  • disputes relating to the appeal of the existing housing authorities etc.

Challenging of regulatory and non-regulatory acts, acts and omissions of public authorities

Deals and liability law

  • disputes related to the recognition of the transaction voidable to be invalid;
  • disputes relating to the application of consequences of the invalidity of transactions;
  • collection of funds and interest under loan agreements, credit agreements, bank accounts, bank deposits, etc.


The list above is provisional!

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